Taming Phantom Traffic Jams A National Science Foundation Cyber Physical Systems Project


Major outreach activities include:

  • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics Long program on New Directions in Mathematical Approaches for Traffic Flow Management, September 8 - December 11, 2015. This program was a semester long series of more than 125 talks on the future of traffic management. Project team members were responsible for numerous leadership roles in the long program, which also provided an opportunity to bridge transportation engineering, mathematics, and cyber physical systems communities working on transportation management. Two, one-week long follow up workshops were held in Summer 2017 and Summer 2018.
  • Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics workshop on Autonomous Vehicles (February 2019). Following the successful outcome of the traffic long program, a 1 week long program focused on the mathematics of autonomous vehicles will be co-organized by members of the project team.
  • Washington Auto Show, Mobility Talks International. NSF featured project at the 2018 Washington Auto Show Mobility Talks International. Presented research findings to participants including policy makers attending the Senate field hearing held in conjunction with the Washington Auto Show.
  • Mini tutorial on phantom jams, June 13, 2018. Prof. Work and Prof. Benni Seibold provided a mini-tutorial on the foundations of traffic bottlenecks and phantom traffic jams at the 2018 SIAM Conference on Nonlinear Waves and Coherent Structures.
  • Organized workshop at 2017 CPS Week
  • Organized workshop at 2016 SIAM Annual Meeting:
  • Safe control of AVs workshop
  • Organized workshop at 2017 SIAM Annual Meeting:
  • AVS workshop participant
  • 14th SIAM Front Range Applied Math Student Conference, Keynote speaker,University of Colorado at Denver, March 3rd 2018. (B. Piccoli)